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Investing in Africa

Opportunities and Challenges

Africa's population growth, middle class development and average GDP level make it an attractive continent in which to invest. Africa is increasingly seen by many foreign companies as a solution for growing their market share or for launching new activities.
Surprisingly, Africa is still marked by many challenges that act as obstacles to its economic development, and traps in which the least informed foreign investors get lost (administrative archaism, atrophy of the formal and modern economy in many countries, lack of qualification of the workforce, etc....).
It is indeed very risky for a foreign company which does not know Africa to develop there on its own, without partnership with a local actor, capable of giving it the keys to success (local content, relevant human resources, facilitated relations with public authorities...).

Eager to satisfy the quality requirements of foreign companies, to remove the difficulties encountered by cultural differences and the language barrier, the founders of M&H Consulting Africa decided to make use of their investors' experiences acquired in Europe and in Africa


Our Values

M&H Consulting Africa is a consulting and management firm, specialized in assisting foreign companies that wish to develop activities in French-speaking Africa mainly and in the rest of Africa.

We have offices in London, Paris and Abidjan. For over 10 years, the founders of M&H Consulting Africa have developed expertise and experience, both in dealing with the rules of governance and management of European companies and in the handling of African administrations.

With this expertise and the support of networks of government partners and influential businessmen, M&H Consulting Africa offers various services throughout the life of the company, from the prospecting phase to the operation phase, including the investment phase.


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