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Investing in Africa

Opportunities and Challenges


Africa's population growth, middle class development and average GDP level make it an attractive continent in which to invest. Africa is increasingly seen by many foreign companies as a solution for growing their market share or for launching new activities.

Our Services

Administrative assistance

Administrative assistance

Conceived as a genuine support to your venture on implementation, installation and operation phases of the company in Africa...
Accounting and financial assistance

Accounting and financial assistance

It is essential that a newly created company, in its investing or expanding phase, has the right partner to...
Legal assistance

Legal assistance

Too often, foreign companies go on for "information fishing " to learn about the legislation...
Tax assistance

Tax assistance

There has never been a better opportunity to penetrate the African market than now. Indeed, we notice...
Training courses

Training courses

The ever-changing and complex legislative environment in Africa and the governance and management...
Project Management

Project Management

For a better analysis of the environment for your project and a good mastery of its...


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